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Today the entire world is celebrating Easter: the Day of Resurrection

It’s a feeling of happiness and new hope everywhere; that’s is what resurrection is all about.

Jesus Christ said to her,” I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in me will live; even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.  Do you believe this?” John 11:25-26

For the last few months I am also experiencing the hope for resurrecting something which could be path breaking for the world.  I am an entrepreneur and one of my businesses has been Direct Selling.  Compared to any other business I always love Direct Selling, as this is the only business through which you can help others to become entrepreneurs.

In Direct Selling I have been dealing with wellness products.  In fact when I got into wellness in 2000, there was absolutely no awareness in India.  However through intense workshops and series of education programs I along with my business leaders covered lakhs of people and made them aware about wellness. The only sad thing was, after educating people about wellness products, we used to recommend American Nutritional Supplements.  Though they were all of highest quality, I always felt a pain.  While India has the oldest form of wellness knowledge, Ayurveda, which is 5000 year old wisdom, we were promoting products from west.

It was a dream for me and many people like me, who are passionate about wellness, to see Ayurveda leading the show in wellness.  Instead of we bring the nutritional supplements from America to provide wellness to Indians, how great it would be if we could provide wellness to Indians through our own Ayurveda.  Moreover, how great it would be when we take our Ayurveda to other countries and make it as a means to achieve real wellness

The challenge was to find a company, which could provide Ayurvedic products, which can stand at par or above with the International Nutrition Supplement brands.  That intense desire and dream made me and many other people finally creating a brand ‘AYUSANTE.’  Now I know Ayusante is a blessing.  It is the resurrection of Ancient Indian Wellness Wisdom.

Lets become Direct Selling Professionals

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When I interacted with few senior journalists in order to make them understand about Direct Selling industry, they were all found to be confused about everything related to Direct Selling and Multi Level Marketing. They said that every person they had come across given a different perspective including meanings and vocabulary. “People involved in Investment schemes offering fast money also says that they are in MLM. People who work with good product sales oriented companies also stay that they are in MLM. How will the journalists or the regulators differentiate this?” asked one journalist. I said the key differentiator is whether there is any Direct selling of products to the Customers happen or not? “Ok, that means you guys are in Direct Selling of Products, not in MLM?” he asked in a confused tone. I said, “Yes, you are correct. We are in Direct selling of Products using Multi Level Marketing business model.” The immediate question from him was that why haven’t we told this in this way in our communications to media and to regulators.
Direct Selling can be done using different marketing models; e-commerce, party plan, single level marketing, multi level marketing etc. Companies which are in Direct Selling choose one of the marketing models for developing the marketing plan. So, those who are working with Product Based Direct Selling companies should start saying, “We are in Direct Selling of Products using Multi level marketing model.”

This may be one of the many mistakes, which we have created in the market through unprofessional way of communication. I think it is not enough that the distributors of one company use the right language and vocabulary. The language, vocabulary etc need to be uniform amongst all the distributors of all the companies. One more reason for having a professional body, which can bind the people involved in this industry, be it distributors or employees.

Once we have a Professional Body with clear-cut guidelines for the conduct and behavior of the people involved in this industry, we will see uniformity and also professionalism. This is the only way we can enhance professionalism in this industry and create a sense of pride among the people who are part of this industry.

Its time to Stand TOGETHER

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It was a good meeting yesterday at Cochin. Though there were only about 200 people I knew that I was speaking to 200000 people as I knew that each one hold a strength of 1000 or more people. This was the Leadership

Forum constituted by the Distributors of various Direct Selling Companies operating in Kerala. Senior most leaders of companies like Modicare, DXN, Mona.Vie. Klink, FLP, Sami Direct, RMP (MI Lifestyle), Tupperware, or in short, leaders from all companies except Amway were there in the meeting.

Companies and Distributors have been fighting against Kerala Government for the brutal Police action, which has been going on for the past two years. Though there have been series of meetings, strikes and dharnas against this police action, it was found that things have not moved at the pace what the industry wanted. While in all those meeting the tone of the speech was more of anger, frustration, fight and sacrifice, this meeting had a different tone.

It was almost a month back I along with a few senior distributor leaders from various companies put a different thinking hat. While we always preach in our motivational sessions that ‘every adversity has an equal or better opportunity,’ we contemplated what could be that opportunity here. We dug deep into the issues and one realization was that though there are more than three lakh families in Kerala associated with genuine Direct Selling business, these families and people are not united. They are being separated by the ‘Company’ tags. Companies created thick walls amongst these people, with the fear that ‘if my distributor get exposed to another company, he might jump into that. ‘

While there could be many cardiologists practicing in a small city, competing with one another, they all meet up once in a month for an IMA meet or in various Cardiologists Conferences. CME (Continuing Medical Education) is compulsory for these professionals. Architects have their own association; which is also constituted with the mission of providing professional enhancement. In short every professional/self employee is part of one or another Professional body which brings the whole community of those professionals under one umbrella.

In fact Direct Selling Industry has more self-employees than any other profession, be it doctors or architects. But we don’t have a professional body. When issues happened in Kerala trade unions came in rescue of people. But that is issue based. But we found that it is high time that we form a Professional Body where distributors from various Direct selling companies (genuine companies which are product sales based) can become a part of. This Association will definitely bring in massive strength to the people in this industry; more over will set high professional standards which will be imparted through rigorous trainings and workshops.

Will write more in the coming blogs…

Kerala becoming a Nuclear Bomb of Negativity

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In fact my blog titled ‘Can Media See the Goodness’ was well appreciated by all. Though the content is specific to Kerala, the

context is applicable to every state. I am so happy that the subject went through some discussions amongst the senior media experts in Kerala. I know it because I got a few calls. I thought they were calling to abuse me; but I could hear a different song. They all were expressing their helplessness.

One of the Senior most media persons (a celebrity in the News Channels) says, “Sajeev, we the senior journalists in this state are all fed up. We feel helplessness. If we write or air anything positive about anything, readers/viewers think that we are biased. All positive news are being perceived

as paid news and all negative news are believed to be truths; that is the way our people think.”

“People in Kerala want sensation, they are least bothered about the economy or industries or global matters. They want sizzling hot and spicy news, which we can provide only through negative news. Hence media in Kerala is totally depending on Police; as Police is the only source (and easy sour

ce) to get such spicy news, whether it is a murder, rape, an intelligent theft, or any other brutal acts. In fact the readers/viewers don’t even look for the other side of the story,” says a senior journalist who had left this field being fed up with the unhealthy practices.

The celebrity News reader even told me, “why you really want to stick around here and do business. If you really want to grow, go out of Kerala. Here people consider all businesses as exploitations and businessmen as frauds. If my channel takes a different approach to show the positive sides, our viewership will drop and we will be out of business. “

One my ex-media marketing colleague opened a top secret, “boss, ours is a news channel, but commercially we are competing with entertainment channels. So to get the viewers to flip to my news channel,

we should be more spicy and thrilling that the crime thriller movies and emotionally hijacking TV serials.”

This is scary. I don’t think no society in the entire world must have faced this kind of a challenge. How do we get out of it? If we don’t find a solution, we will see this state turning out to be an atom bomb of negativity. I think its time ‘to turn Karala Positive.’ Please share your thoughts on this.

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