Sunshine after the Cloudy days

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Yesterday Kerala saw some sunshine after long cloudy years.  Hope this sunshine will last for ever and help Kerala to catch up with the national growth.

Sajeev Nairs blog on Leadership

Leadership is not standing for a popularity contest.

Personally, last five years have been the most miserable time in my life.  So has been the case with many businessmen in Kerala.

I consider the failure of UDF in Kerala is a typical case study for Leadership Failure.  What all can go wrong in Leadership have been demonstrated by Mr. Oommen Chandy, the Chief Minster (or rather ex-CM).

‘Leadership is not standing for a popularity contest.’

However the Chief Minister (now ex-CM) Mr. Oommen Chandy forgot this.  He had to please many people and political leaders and in the process failed to do the right things.

‘If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for everything,’

Mr. Chandy failed to take important decisions at crucial junctures.  There were many occasions when the people of Kerala expected him to stand for the right things; but he failed; may be because of his personal obligations and commitments to some people.

‘If you don’t have a plan, you will fit into someoneelse’s plan’

From the date Mr. Chandy came into power, he was going as per the plans of some other people.  This happens because the leader himself doesn’t have a vision.  As Bible says, “If there is no Vision, People Perish.’

Leadership is a Combination of Competency and Character.’

While there have been few opinion leaders who were appreciative about the administrative capabilities of Mr. Chandy, he could never escape from the darts being thrown on his character.  His transparency, honesty and integrity were always been questioned and many doubts and questions remained unanswered.

Happiness in your Balance Sheet

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Yesterday on March 31st, one more financial year came to an end. Today onwards all the targets are re-set for 2016-17.

Many companies must have done a lot of stretched sales yesterday (which in consumer products business is called ‘dumping’) to show their growth over last year. Today is the day when many offices celebrate the growth they did register over last financial year.  What is this growth?  In fact, it is sheer sales growth.  Is it enough to check the sales figure to measure the growth of the company? Every year the same struggle, same stretch, same pressure to surpass the sales figures of the previous year.  Is there a better way to increase sales?

Sajeev Nair

Yes. Higher sales mean more happy and loyal customers. Happy customers can be created only by happy employees.  Hence if we create happy employees they will create happy customers and hence higher sales. How many businessmen and CEOs look at the sales scenario like this? Not even 0.1%. Companies spent millions of dollar on advertisements and sales promotions to increase sales. But forget about the most important element in a sustainable sales process; i.e., happy employees.

I think time has come to think deeper on this subject.  At least in this new financial year, lets take a decision to increate the happiness index of the company, which will end up registering unbelievably higher sales. Take measures to enhance happiness amongst employees; create a budget for this financial year to create workplace happiness.

Let workplace give them more happiness than any other place in the world.

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Plan for this year; have a Vision for 2020

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This is the time when most of the companies are setting up their goals for the next financial year.  I always see that there is some fascination towards this 2020. Lot of expectations are there amongst people from all cross sections about the year 2020. In Dubai, even though there is symptoms of an economic slow down, there is no lack of enthusiasm amongst people as Dubai is getting set for Expo 2020. Hence across the globe there is an enthusiasm around 2020.

This 2020 buzz is there around most of the companies. We at Bramma get number of assignments even from smaller companies to help them set a Vision for 2020. We always encourage them, as this can help the companies to plan for four years. Most of the time companies, especially in SMEs, have no vision. Maximum they may have a goal for the next one year, which they call as budget! The buzz around 2020 has motivated many businessmen to set a Vision 2020. Even during this week I am working with the director boards of three different companies to set their vision for 2020. So while you prepare the goals and plans for this year, have a vision for 2020. Even you can apply this in your personal life.

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My Dharma

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Vijayadasami Greetings

Though I have been quite regular in jotting down my thoughts in my blog, for the past few years I have been regularly irregular. Main reason being ‘busy with my businesses.’ The leadership Guru Stephen Covey in his book ‘First Things First’ tried to teach the world how to prioritise things in life. We are all pressed between two situations in life; ‘urgent’ and ‘important.’ Most of the time we go behind ‘urgent’ things jeopardizing the important things. In fact most of the important things in life are not urgent; hence this challenge. Maintaining good health is important but not urgent, Gaining knowledge is important but not urgent so on and so forth.

Urgent things are short term and the gain also is short lived. Most of the important things are proactive and hence long lived. All of us agree that success and failures are subsequent to decisions; good or bad; knowingly or unknowingly. In fact every moment we are taking decisions; knowingly or unknowingly; small or big. Can we try to ask these questions while we take decisions; Is it urgent? Is it important? Lets try to spend more time on Important & Urgent things and Important & Not Urgent things.

Guru Dakshinamurthy swamy told me once, ‘We all have go to do our Karma and Dharma. But we are focused more on Karma and forget about Dharma.’ This was a great enlightenment. He even told me that ‘transforming people through education’ is my dharma. But in the ‘busyness’ of Karma, my attention on Dharma got diluted. On this auspicious day, I am deciding to dedicate myself more for my dharma. I am sure all my ‘Gurus’ starting from Raghavan Asaan who taught me ‘Harisree..’ will shower more blessing on me in my dharmayoga.

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