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Vijayadasami Greetings

Though I have been quite regular in jotting down my thoughts in my blog, for the past few years I have been regularly irregular. Main reason being ‘busy with my businesses.’ The leadership Guru Stephen Covey in his book ‘First Things First’ tried to teach the world how to prioritise things in life. We are all pressed between two situations in life; ‘urgent’ and ‘important.’ Most of the time we go behind ‘urgent’ things jeopardizing the important things. In fact most of the important things in life are not urgent; hence this challenge. Maintaining good health is important but not urgent, Gaining knowledge is important but not urgent so on and so forth.

Urgent things are short term and the gain also is short lived. Most of the important things are proactive and hence long lived. All of us agree that success and failures are subsequent to decisions; good or bad; knowingly or unknowingly. In fact every moment we are taking decisions; knowingly or unknowingly; small or big. Can we try to ask these questions while we take decisions; Is it urgent? Is it important? Lets try to spend more time on Important & Urgent things and Important & Not Urgent things.

Guru Dakshinamurthy swamy told me once, ‘We all have go to do our Karma and Dharma. But we are focused more on Karma and forget about Dharma.’ This was a great enlightenment. He even told me that ‘transforming people through education’ is my dharma. But in the ‘busyness’ of Karma, my attention on Dharma got diluted. On this auspicious day, I am deciding to dedicate myself more for my dharma. I am sure all my ‘Gurus’ starting from Raghavan Asaan who taught me ‘Harisree..’ will shower more blessing on me in my dharmayoga.

One Degree Change

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All of us know that water boils at 100 degrees.

Means, it changes its form from liquid to gas.

What happens when the temperature is 99 degrees?  Its just hot water; no change in the form. No transformation.  If you maintain the temperature at 99 degrees for hours together, water never changes its form.  It is that One degree which makes all the difference. That One degree makes water transform to steam.  And that steam can even make the trains run!

But most of the time we become impatient; we put the flame down when it hits 99 degrees. We kill the magic; the magic of that One degree

How many times we must have put the flames down at 99 degrees?  Who knows?  At least from now on why not we follow this One Degree Phenomenon.

Whatever you are doing, do your best with absolute patience; then do a bit more; that One extra degree.  That extra effort, extra hour of work, extra mile can unfold before you an unimaginable power

Lets practice this One Degree formula from today.  Do your best today and One Degree more…

I cannot motivate YOU!!!

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Every other moment Entrepreneurs come across with various questions in their mind like, “ I don’t know how to have the self drive all the time?” “How to keep myself motivated?” “When I face challenges how can I move forward?” etc.

I have done thousands of motivational sessions covering lakhs of people.  I still do it.  After the sessions I have received unbelievable feedbacks about the session, “this was an unbelievable session,” “I am totally charged up,” “Your session has changed my life,” “What a magical spell,” etc.  But the sad thing is that only very few ever make a significant difference in their life after attending the session.  The rest of them forget about the session in two to three weeks time.  I have heard and read so many trainers and authors making claims like, “who ever have attended my sessions, have changed their life in a massive positive way,”  “whoever have read my books have taken a 180 Degree U-Turn in their life and started moving towards success.”  I am sorry to state that I don’t believe in these kinds of statements.  I don’t think any speaker can motivate his audience to take some strong decisions and move on to become successful; no author can motivate his/her readers to take a life changing decision and move towards massive success in life.  At the same time I am not making a statement that all trainers and authors are ineffective.  I still believe that the motivational trainers and authors are helping millions of people to change their life in a positive direction.  I, myself, am a typical example.  Whatever I have achieved in my life during the last 10 years, I heavily owe it to the training programs I attended and the books I have read.

Even I get so many strong positive feedbacks on my blogs like, “your blogs have opened my eyes,” “I am now experiencing a whole new perspective towards life,” I am getting better results in life as my attitude towards people have changed after reading your blogs,” etc.  These trainers and authors are definitely helping lot of people to change their course of travel and achieve better results in life.  My point is, not every one makes those positive changes in their life after reading a book or reading such blogs or after attending motivational training.  Had it been solely the effectiveness of the trainer or the author everyone should have made significant positive results in their life.  That means, how good a trainer you are, how good an author you are, you cannot motivate everyone.

Why is it so?  The basic rule I believe in is, “Nobody can motivate anybody.”  Why?  Because, motivation is internal.  It is within.  It has to come from within.  A trainer or author only can inspire others to get motivated.  They cannot get inside their mind and work within their mind.  In short an effective trainer or author can only inspire others to get motivated.  But only very few ever get motivated.  Do you know why?  Do you have any idea who may be the people who get motivated?

The Motivation is formed from the word ‘MOTIVE’.  Motive means aim, goal, your intention in life.  Hence motivated means driven towards a motive.  If there is no motive there is no motivation.  And that no one can build or create a motive for you.  Hence you need to find what is your motive, what do you want to accomplish in your life, in which way you want your life to be designed, what is your intention in your life etc

As said in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

“You are what your deep driving desire is; As your desire is so is your will; As your will is so is your deed; As your deed is so is your destiny”

Entrepreneurship Lesson 1

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To get into an entrepreneurial mode one has to bring in radical

change in his/ her thinking process, especially if one is coming from an employment background.  Lot of people get excited about some business idea and jump into it.  Even after putting in their best effort they find it tough to succeed.  One of the reasons is that they haven’t come out of the employment mode.  Recently I met a successful businessman who was remembering the mistakes he did in the first three years of his business.  He was working with one of the leading companies in India in a high position.  He decided to take voluntary retirement so as to start the business.  Only once he got out of his job, he realized that all the people around him used to respect him only because he had a position.  The first few months in his business was frustrating as he was used to the habit of getting things done by others in his previous job.  While in job he had never taken a photocopy by himself, never filed anything personally, never ever worried about dealing with statutory authorities like Service Tax and Sales Tax authorities as there were subordinates who did these jobs for him.  His own words, “It took sometime for me to understand that in business one needs to have a first hand knowledge of everything related to the business.  This could be obtained only by doing things personally.”

Willingness to do any task to achieve the desired goal is a ‘must’ for entrepreneur.  For this one needs to have lot of flexibility.  Try to have a first hand experience of all the activities connected with your business.  If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to soil your hands. This is the reason why most of the businesses collapse when the second generation takes charge.  The first hand knowledge and experience one gets while setting up a new business, is not easy to gain by a second generation entrepreneur.  Hence for a second generation or third generation entrepreneur to become successful, he/ she needs to learn and do the most basic level tasks.

Many of the people who are employees decide to start a business of their own, mainly to avoid the pressure at the work place.  No one likes to work under some one else.  But if you are in a job you have no other option, but to work under someone else.  When you start your own business you don’t have to work under the pressure of a boss.  You are your own boss.  It looks very fascinating, isn’t it?  But there is a flip side to it.  As there is no boss there is no one else to drive you, there is no one else to set goals and put targets for you, there is no one else to monitor your work, there is no one else to discipline you…Hence the chances of failure are very high.  That is why not many people become successful in business.  Only if you can drive yourself, you can set goals for yourself and strive to achieve them, only if you have self-discipline then only you could become successful in any business.  When I decided to quit my job and pursue with my business full time, one of my senior business leaders gave me an advice, which I think was a million dollar advice.  He told me that before I resign from the job, at least set one room in my house as an office and have a regular reporting system like that in an office.

It is easy to discipline others, but the challenge is always having self-discipline.  It is easy to drive and motivate others than keeping yourself driven and motivated.  A successful entrepreneur is self-driven, self disciplined and self motivated.  You will come across with challenges all the time.  Things may not happen the way you wanted them to happen.  You may find that the plans are not coming true.  But if you want to succeed you need to be consistently driven, disciplined and motivated.  As I read somewhere the true test of character is how you behave when every thing is going in the wrong direction for you, when you are finding that nothing is happening as per your plans, when all situations are turning against you, when you feel there is no one to support you.  It is not easy.  But all the successful people have gone through this phase.  I call it as the Entrepreneur’s Pain.  But if you are focused, Self Driven, Disciplined you will reach the destination.

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