'21 Weeks Success & Happiness Coaching Program'
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- By Sajeev Nair

Welcome to the 21 Weeks Coaching Session to 'Create Success and Happiness' in your life Why I felt this topic so important in life is because most of the people sacrifice happiness for the sake of success. They consider happiness as a goal and accept it as a future event. "I will be happy once I become really successful," is a common statement. As success is a never ending journey and the more you get it the more you want it. Hence Happiness always remains as a dream or even a wishful thinking.
I will be taking you through a series of success & happiness coaching sessions for the next 21 weeks. Every week you will be exposed to one new practice session. I can only guide you. You need to practice the techniques/actitivies given to you for that week.
Lets start a journey together. My goal is to help you live a successful life filled with Happiness.

Sajeev Nair
Peak Performance Coach