Business Consulting

Sajeev Nair

All businesses go through the following process

Sajeev Nair
At every level challenges are different
Moreover, what I realized during my almost two decades of business life is that most of the businesses are an outcome of the promoter’s passion. Only once he jumps into it, he realizes that to convert a ‘eureka moment’ into a successful business requires lot of skills. In fact once he gets into the business, he gets sucked into the day to day operations most of the time the passion gets replaced by fear; fear of the possible loss, fear of non-repayment of bank loans etc. Here is where I and my team in Bramma come to your Business Consulting support. We help you in the following ways:

  • Through a scientifically developed Process Study we identify the gaps in your business system and come out with custom made, region specific strategies and execution plan.
  • Taking your business from a Promoter driven to Process driven. Even in your absence your business will work
    Creating a Vision and Mission for the organization and making every employee share that vision and mission
  • Streamlining operations and systemizing the processes
  • Making your manpower highly productive- They will know what are their roles and responsibilities, how their performance is measured, how will they be benefitted for their contributions etc
  • Developing your business specific sales and marketing strategies. This include Strategies for Distribution, Positioning, Pricing, Advertising etc
  • Strategies for recruiting and retaining the right kind of manpower.