Capital Mechanism

Financial Re-engineering to make your business fundable

Capital is one of the key resources for any business, especially when the business is planning to scale up. Right now we are living in a world of Capital Super Abundancy, where big Corporates are holding Capital reserves which are more than the global GDP. Hence it is not lack of resources which is the challenge; it is lack of resourcefulness. Breakthrough or Disruptive ideas having strong value propositions and scalable business models supported by professional capital mechanism management systems can attract funds from so many different sources.

But, a major challenge is that most of the business owners have no idea about the importance of Capital. That is why many business owners get shocked when some companies receive huge VC/PE funds even when they are showing massive book loss.

If your company wants to participate in the India Growth Story, you need to move your business into Capital Mechanism and create a Roadmap for getting it listed in the share market. Sajeev Nair with the support of Bramma Venture Partner team is working with many entrepreneurs and companies to create a successful IPO Road map

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