Welcome to the World of Transformation Coaching

Do you get a ‘kick’ when you see transformation in other’s lives?

Welcome to the World of Transformation Coaching

Are you one amongst those who wants to contribute to make this world a better place to live in?

Welcome to the World of Transformation Coaching

Do you really have the fire to help another person who wants to come up in life?


Coaching(Life/Personal/Executive/Wellness) is one of the most demanding professions in the world, especially in India. Successful Life Coaches are earning more money than senior level executives in the corporates. In a country like the US,there are scores of Life Coaches who are multi-millionaires through their coaching profession. More than money, the dignity you have in the society is far beyond what you can get in any other profession. The greatest beauty is the time and money freedom you will have, as you are your own boss.

In India, this profession is in the infant stages. Demand for good Coaches overshoots the supply by thousand times. With a fast growing economy, the expectations on the performance of entrepreneurs, professionals and corporate executives are too high. There is not much time to commit mistakes and learn from them. Hence all of them are looking for someone to keep them on the right track; and inspiring them to perform at their peak levels. This is where the significance of a Coach comes in.

If you tick mark the following, Coaching can be the career of choice for you to fulfill all your dreams

Want to have absolute time freedom
No boss & Generating income at your will
Work from home & Lots of time with your family
To be a celebrity

Here is an opportunity to learn from one of the Celebrated Coaches in the world; Dr Sajeev Nair. If you want to touch the lives of millions of people, only the one who has already done it can coach you and hence Dr Sajeev Nair.

What is unique about the Coaching Format of Dr Sajeev Nair?

  • The entire hprocess and methodologies are scientific and based on the fundamentals of neuroscience
  • He is the only one coach who helps people to ‘Create an Operating Manual for the Brain.’
  • His research concept,‘Thought Process Re-engineering’(TPR) is being accepted by many international forums as a proven process for creating Neuro-Cognitive Behavioral changes
  • The only Coaching program, which gives equal importance to physiology and psychology. (How to create psychological changes by changing your physiology and vice versa)
  • While most of the Coaching modules available are of western origin, Dr Sajeev Nair’s approach is totally eastern
  • Application of meditation and yoga in coaching methodology for higher impact.
  • No one knows the techniques to make the brain work at the peak levels consistently, better than Dr Sajeev Nair.

Sajeev Nair is looking out for creating a bunch of World Class Transformation Coaches. For this he is going to transfer all the transformational wisdom he has gained over the last two decades to few selected people. You can be one amongst them! If you can commit yourself to make significant changes to your body, brain and your mind under the vigorous coaching of Sajeev Nair, and if you are committed to make positive sustainable life transformations in others, you may get selected by Sajeev Nair for this Certification Program.

How do I benefit by being a ‘Certified Transformation Coach’?

  • You can start your profession as a Life Coach on full time or part time.
  • Sajeev Nair will provide you opportunities to get your first few clients and You will be under continuous mentorship of Sajeev by regular online mentoring sessions.
  • You will be profiled along with Sajeev in the Coaching website and You will be able to play important roles in events like ‘Rise UP’ and ‘Thought Retreat.’
  • You will be equipped to handle the digital media very effectively and You will be trained on Lead generation and conversion by digital experts.
  • You will get access to automated digital tools like customized superbots and Lead management platforms at subsidized cost.
  • You will be trained for creating your own Online courses.

If you are excited to be part of this multi-billion dollar transformation industry and to changes the lives of millions of people, please fill up the following details. Sajeev will be personally assessing your profile and if you are shortlisted for the Certification program, you will get a call from Sajeev’s office and provide your further details.