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Create Success and Happiness in all areas of Life

Though every human being live to achieve personal success and happiness in life, these two subjects are never been taught at schools or universities. People spend 17 to 20 years in schools and universities and still not able to know how to become successful and happy in life. Sajeev Nair with the support of Parivarthan Life Transformation Foundation and Bramma Learning Solutions decided to fill this gap by bringing out a highly Practical ‘Success Education Program.’
You can choose to attend one or many of the programs; however we recommend you to attend all the programs and get a ‘Masters Degree in Life Success degree’, which will be worth multi million dollars

3- Day Intense program designed by Sajeev Nair to increase your wealth consciousness. Whether you are a business owner or professional who wants to create real wealth rather than money, whether your are an inexperienced investor or seasoned investor who wants to learn the latest wealth creation models, this would be an ideal program for you.

What you gain from UWM

  • Wealth consciousness which can lead to financial freedom
  • Methods to create multiple streams of income
  • Learn to increase the valuation of your business
  • Methods to create passive income
  • Create leverage in business and investments
  • Learn to read a Balance Sheet
  • Strategies of attracting structured investments
  • Create an effective exit plan for your investments

A 3- Day intense program designed for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs
This is not a program developed by just referring books and manuals; the course contents are developed and delivered using practical business wisdom Bramma Consulting team gained over the past one decade by re-engineering and scaling up more than 300 companies in the MSME sector from more than 60 business domains.
Led by Mr Sajeev Nair, who himself is a serial entrepreneur having successful ventures in Hospitality, IT, Management Consulting, Wellness, and e-Com
Exposure to successful businessmen from various industries

What you gain from UBM

  • Learn various management functionalities of a business organization
  • Enhance profitability of your business
  • Process of empowering people without you losing the power
  • Innovation and Lateral Thinking in your business
  • Create scalable business models which can make you a billionaire
  • Structure your business for higher valuation
  • Make your business work even in your absence

3 Days intense Thought Retreat. Total immersion. Developed by Sajeev Nair based on more than a decade of research on Thought Process Re-engineering (TPR). Empowers anyone to design his/her destiny using the principles of neuroscience and quantum physics. TPR is more scientific and result oriented than Mind Power techniques and Mindfulness.

What you gain from UTM

  • Attract wealth & health using spiritual principles & scientific methods
  • Learn techniques from India’s ancient wisdom to manifest your dream life
  • Create meaningful coincidences and luck, leading to success in life
  • Deeper insight into the law of attraction
  • Break the barriers between Materialism and Spiritualism
  • Break bad habits and create good habits for advancing in life
  • Scientific methods to eradicate worries and manage stress
  • Creative thinking process for Innovation in Business
  • Create disruptive ideas for business/products

To succeed in anything one needs to master the art of selling. This 3 Day intense immersion program is led by Sajeev Nair. Unlike many Sales Trainers who must not have sold anything in life, Sajeev Nair has got hands on sales experience in front end sales and also by leading the largest sales force for one of the top MNC. He has empowered tens and thousands of people to create miracles in the sales profession.

What you can gain from USM

  • Effective Prospecting methods
  • Techniques to do Powerful and result-oriented presentations Differentiate yourself from your competition and dispel negative
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition and dispel negative sales stereotypes by changing the way you sell
  • Generate qualified prospects and new business by learning how to gain access to power, influence committee decisions, and negotiate the sell cycle.
  • Synchronize your selling tactics with your prospect’s buying cycle and lead more prospects to make a buying decision.
  • Learn to Motivate prospects to take action by helping them see themselves solving their own problems by using your product or service.
  • Learn the techniques to close with confidence without using high pressure
  • Key account management
  • Using TPR and NLP techniques in making your sales efforts highly result oriented.

It is a known fact that preventing diseases to happen is always better than managing diseases. We are living in an exciting period where the average life span is going to hit 75 years by the year 2025. That means one out of three people will live more than 100 years. Once we find effective ways to live healthy, we are going to have lots of productive years with us. This is where wellness practices come into play.
This 3 –Day intense program is designed by Wellness Solutions PLC, a pioneer in Wellness Management in India. Sajeev Nair along with Dr A Sreekumar co-founded this organization way back in 2003. Tens and thousands of people from around the globe have been enjoying the results of wellness practices recommended by Wellness Solutions

What you can gain from UWellM

  • Techniques to maintain 3D Health (Mind –Body-Spirit)
  • Learn the power of ‘live’ foods and how to use them to maintain high energy levels
  • Tips on wellness cooking which can practiced at home
  • Simplified Kundalini Yoga practices for increased self-awareness and super intelligence
  • Art of Mind enrichment (Manolakalai)
  • Soul Healing to live a healthy and vibrant life
  • Effective use of nutritional supplements to create sustainable health

In the present day where human resources have become the most valuable asset for any organization, leading these resources for peak levels of performance is key. Whether you are part of a business organization or a voluntary organization or spiritual organization, creating influence amongst people becomes the most important task.

What you gain from ULM

  • Learn various proven leadership models in the world
  • Application of Neuro Cognitive Behavior patterns and Neuro Associative Conditioning for enhancing the influence amongst people
  • Relational Group Positioning for increasing team dynamics and synergy
  • Application of TPR (Thought Process Re-engineering) for mastering the art of relationship
  • Understanding the various formats of brains for the optimum use of various brains in a team.
  • Learning and practicing proven methods for transforming a leader to be a mentor and coach

Masters in Ultimate Life Success
Join for ‘Masters in Ultimate Life Success’ and transform your life totally. This is the Ultimate Life and Business Transformation program on planet. This can be valued more than an MBA or any other International university education on business/professional/life enrichment.

MULS package include

  • Admission to all the six courses
  • Front raw seating in all sessions
  • Support of a Personal Coach during the entire course which may last for an year
  • Lots of Business/ Professional Networking opportunities
  • Special rates for any additional trainings organized for the staff/team
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