Based on ‘Thought Process Re-engineering’ TPR (TM)

Get away from the mad rush and routine schedules of life. Give a treat to your brain, the multi billion dollar part of your body. Get immersed into a celebration of thoughts TPR Thought Retreat is much beyond NLP or Mindfulness or Mindpower programs as it is purely based on neuroscience and quantum physics.

Thought Process Re-engineering (TPR) (TM) is a unique methodology applied in Thought Retreat, which helps you to re-engineer the neural wirings. It helps you to create neural pathways in your brain, which can have a permanent and lasting effect on your thoughts.

First level is realisation. How thoughts are generated? Why two people perceive the same thing differently? Why some people always think negative? Why do we fear? What happens inside the brain when we think? Here you will realize the science behind thoughts. A common man’s version of neuro science is used for this

Thoughts create neural firings. But in most cases it is the other way around; ie, neural firings create thoughts. Those thoughts lead to words, actions, habits, behavior, character and your destiny. Hence to change the destiny we need to re-engineer the neural wirings and pathways. In Thought Retreat scientific tools and techniques are used for this re-engineering

You can create your world by re-engineering your thoughts. Manifestation is real. Using some powerful spiritual principles supported by quantum science, TPR empowers you to manifest the life you want.

Techniques and processes in TPR are developed by converging the power of neuro biology, quantum science and spiritual principles

Re-engineer at Neuro Level
Understanding the basics of neuro science. Making physiological changes in the neural pathways. Controlling emotions by changing the neuro-chemical composition.

Re-engineer at Quantum Level
Manifestations happen when connected subjects and objects in the universe resonate with the frequencies of your intention. Application of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, Theory of Everything, Theory of Entanglement etc in transforming thoughts into reality. Exploring possibilities and innovation at sub-atomic levels

Re-engineer at Spiritual Level
To be aware and to experience the universal mind or infinite intelligence. Connecting with the infinite intelligence through different levels of meditation. Knowing God from a scientific perspective. Breaking the barriers between spiritual world and material world.

Who should attend?
Anyone who wants to take charge of his/her life. Entrepreneurs, Self-employees, Professionals, Artists, and even Students.

Why to attend Thought Retreat?
This retreat provides you solutions for some deeper level questions:

  • How you can break bad habits. How you can come out of some strong belief systems, which are pulling you down
  • How you can re-engineer your brain’s neurology so that you get positive and productive thoughts
  • How you can create meaningful coincidences in life, which can lead to fulfillment of your dreams
  • How you can attract the universal powers to create the life you want to live

WHAT can I get?

  • Attract wealth & health using spiritual principles & scientific methods
  • Learn techniques from India’s ancient wisdom to manifest your dream life
  • Create meaningful coincidences and luck, leading to success in life
  • Deeper insight into the law of attraction
  • Break the barriers between Materialism and Spiritualism
  • Break bad habits and create good habits for advancing in life
  • Scientific methods to eradicate worries and manage stress
  • Creative thinking process for Innovation in Business
  • Create disruptive ideas for business/products



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