Train the Trainers


Train the Trainers Workshop & Boot camp
By Sajeev Nair – Peak Performance Coach
For Trainers/ Coaches/ Teachers/Entereneurs/Professionals

If you are aiming to be one of the followings:

  • A Celebrity Motivational Trainer
  • A World class Transformational Coach
  • A Celebrity in the Digital World
  • An Entrepreneur with exceptional Communication Skills
  • A next generation Teacher who applies latest learning techniques
  • A Charismatic Leader heading a large Organization
  • A Highly successful Network Marketing Leader having business globally.

The most Scientific and Research based Train the Trainer program

  • 8 Days of Intense Learning spread over 3 months including an Intense Boot Camp
  • Personal Mentoring by Sajeev Nair
  • Possibility to get empanelled in the Parivarthan Trainers Forum
  • Possibility to host a show in one of the leading Internet TVs
  • Supports to build a successful Youtube Channel
  • Tools and techniques to become a champion in the Digital world
  • Application of Thought Process Re-engineering (TPR) in your trainings/teachings/business/profession. All the processes and techniques of TPR, which are developed over two years of research by DrSajeev Nair isbeing shared. TPR is considered to be the most scientific human transformation program on this planet.
  • Scientific techniques based on the fundamentals of Neuroscience for managing own emotions as well as emotions of others, which can help you making your coaching/counseling sessions highly effective
  • Articulation Mastery –Translating Vision and thoughts into words is an art. Whether you are a trainer or an entrepreneur, you will not be able to achieve higher levels unless you mater this art. Voice modulation, gestures, postures, body movements, eye movements etc play a vital role in this
  • Mastering the Hypnotic communication – In a hypnotic state one will do what you want him/her to do. How can we translate this possibility in to the areas of training, sales, negotiations etc
  • NLP techniques to make your trainings or presentations highly appealing and mesmerizing
  • Wellness management to maintain sustainable energy levels, higher levels of endurance and peak levels of performance. Highly valuable information about the role of vitamins and minerals in the formation of attitude, character and creative thinking
  • Science behind Law of Attraction – This course redefines the Law of Attraction using the principles of neuroscience and quantum physics and hence more logical, practical and scientific understanding of Law of Attraction

The 3 Day residential Intense Bootcamp at Nature Zone Jungle Resort, Munnar exposes a new world of experiential learning.
Nature Zone Outbound Campus is equipped with natural settings to provide one of the best Outbound Training Campuses in the world
This Bootcamp helps you to emerge as a bold and courageous leader and also to become one of the best quality Out Bound Trainers (OBT Trainers are in very high demand)
Learning activities include Rappelling, Jumering, River crossing, Bridge Building and many such Learning activities.
Fire Walking – Boost your confidence levels by walking on Fire. You also get to learn the techniques to conduct Fire Walking so that you can incorporate this in your training sessions.

Bonus Benefits –
Personal Branding Support

Be a Digital World Celebrity
Be ready to be champion in the Digital world.
Whether it is training, teaching or even business, the future millionaires are going to come out of Digital world. You are getting an opportunity to start your digital journey

  • Get your own personal website (choose from selected templates) or modify your present website with the help of experts
  • Learn from the experts how to monetize your website
  • Tools and Techniques to create more Likes and Following to your FB/Twitter/ You tube
  • Learn from the experts how to be successful Youtuber.
  •  A powerful Video film on you, which can be used as your intro-video

Registration Fee: Rs 59,000+18% Tax
Early bird offer: Rs 49,000+18%Tax

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