Online Mentoring Course for ‘Achieving Greatness in Life’
Business Transformations
120 Days to GREATNESS
- With Sajeev Nair
Create Greatness as a discipline Unlock your true potential Achieve the biggest goals in life
All in just 120 days…..

Once you have ignited your infinite potential through ‘Rise Up’, the key is to sustain the Peak levels for few more weeks so that it becomes a new habit.

  • Continuation to ‘Rise Up’
  • 10 Sessions of 30 Minutes each
  •          *   Highly Interactive using cutting edge technology
             *   At the convenience of your home or office
             *   You can select your convenient time slot
  • Every session supported by advanced study materials
  • Weekly newsletters from Sajeev Nair
  • Sajeev Nair’s two best selling books – autographed
  • Membership in an exclusive ‘Greatness’ community
  • Preferential seating in all training sessions of Sajeev Nair
  • Course Completion Certificate as ‘Fellow of Greatness Academy’
  • Mobile app to manage your day-to-day life
  • Scientifically developed mediation/ creative visualization audio tracks
Peak Performance Coach
Sajeev Nair personally helps you to:
  • Elevate your personal and professional life
  • Work on three areas in life where you want to create excellence
  • Break limiting beliefs which are stopping you from moving ahead in life
  • Work on developing new beliefs which can take your life to greatness
  • Build and sustain powerful relationships
  • Realize your true worth and attract higher income and lifestyle
  • Attract multiple streams of income
  • Practice ‘law of attraction’ using scientific methods
  • Make to move towards your life purpose
Course Fee – Rs. 4500/- plus Tax
Pre launch offer 2500/- Incl of Tax