Want to upgrade yourself from a GOOD LIFE to GREAT LIFE; ORDINARY to EXTRA ORDINARY LIFE??? You may read on…

Personal Coaching !!You must have set many goals in life and failed to achieve them…because you failed to follow through with persistence or must have lost focus and lost track. You must always have felt that there is still a lot of untapped potential within you… As an entrepreneur you must have reached high levels in your business, but must be feeling that you are alone at the top

At this level, you need more than a training or workshop; you need a Personal Coach. Someone who can standby you and help you to direct your thoughts in the right ways, some one who can challenge you continuously to stretch for more, someone who can become a bouncing board for you.

Sajeev Nair’s approach to Personal Coaching is unique and highly result focused. Though he is an ICF Certified Coach, his coaching methodologies are based on ‘Thought Process Re-engineering’ (TPR)TM, a proprietary human transformation methodology, developed through years of research. His approach is more scientific than any other Personal Coaching models, as the entire process I designed based on the principles of neuroscience.

Be in the MASTERMIND CIRCLE of Sajeev Nair

Get yourself coached and mentored by Masters You are a Success Aspirant. Two Crucial factors which decides your level of success are:

Your Coach/Mentor (Your Guru) Your Peer Group (whom so you associate with)

Here you are getting one of the best Coaches and Mentors in the world. UNLIKE most of the trainers and coaches who have never done any business in their life; Sajeev Nair is bringing with him the wisdom he gained by managing five different his own businesses (in Hospitality, IT, Wellness Hospital, e-Com and Management Consulting), and by re-engineering and scaling up more than 300 companies from 60+ business domains through Bramma.
In the MASTERMIND sessions and trips you are going to be surrounded by people who are more successful than you which enhances your aspirations and also provide immense opportunities for network and collaborate.


IMAGINE, moving around with successful people who have achieved excellence in their respective fields, having fun with families, exploring new locations together, collaborating with some highly successful people