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A master piece from Sajeev Nair. A book which becomes an operating manual for your body and mind. This book opens up a new world where age is just a number, where you can reverse your ageing, you can be more productive in your 70s and 80s than in your 30s and 40s.

A compilation of highly scientific researches, presented in simple layman's language so that everyone can apply these techniques and methodologies in their life so as to live long and stay young.

‘The Making of a Superhuman’ begins from as small as a cell. Or even smaller, from the constituents of a cell like mitochondria that call the shots when it comes to almost everything your body and mind can do or cannot do. Written in a lucid style, this book breaks down complex science into simple logic that anyone who has done high-school biology can understand.

You won’t find most of the scientific developments described here in any textbook, as what is presented here is a study-of-studies of hundreds of cutting edge research outputs in recent years and months from some of the world’s most renowned medical universities and hospital systems.

The book takes this approach because this is a work that is packed with revolutionary biohacks or lifestyle changes for a superhuman life and no change is possible until you are fully convinced of the immense benefits from the biohacks described here.

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