Super Human


Imagine you are celebrating your 100th birthday with your family and friends, maybe after a 5 km jog or a 10 lap swim in the morning. You are a superhuman. Yes, this is possible, by taking charge of your own biology and psychology, or rather through BIOHACKING. 200+ scientifically proven Biohacking techniques with an objective to help you to Live Long, Stay Young and Be a Superhuman

Average Life Expectancy in increasing. Every 4 days you live, you get 1 day as bonus! Living more than 100 years will be normal. Question; is life getting extended or death? Someone becomes diabetic in his 40s or suffer from heart disease in 50s, still getting his life extended till 100. In fact it is not life; but death got extended. He has lost his productivity and creativity. This is called Living short and dying long. An ideal situation is where you live long and die short, which is possible by taking charge of your own physiology and psychology.

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