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Life Upgradation is always a work in progress. Hence it is essential to have continuous mentoring and coaching. I have been mentoring tens and thousands of people to Upgrade their Lives in all areas. However, with the advent of technology and online possibilities, I am planning to touch with more people. Also for such a continuous upgradation, you need to be part of the right community which is supportive. Here I am giving an opportunity to all of you, who are planning to Upgrade life with my mentorship, to be part of a community called Superhuman Tribe.

You may subscribe to one of the LIMITLESS LIFE plans and show your commitment to yourself.


Begin the Limitless Life Today


$50 Only

Introductory Offer - $10 Only

  • Exclusive Live Sessions
  • Weekly Newsletters
  • One e-Book written by me
  • 10% Discount on my courses/programs
  • 10% Discount on Biohacking tools & products
  • Basic membership in Superhuman Community*
  • Sarva membership in Limoverse*
  • 300 Limo points


$500 Only

Introductory Offer - $100 Only

  • Exclusive Live Sessions
  • Weekly Newsletters
  • Three e-Books written by me
  • 20% Discount on my courses/programs
  • 20% Discount on Biohacking tools & products
  • Premium membership in Superhuman Community*
  • Loka membership in Limoverse*
  • 4000 Limo points

*Superhuman Community Membership – A private social media group managed by me.

• Basic– You will have a profile page. You can post, share, comment, like posts.

• Premium – You will part of my Inner Circle group. There will be special sessions for the members.

*Limoverse – This is a global health and wellness ecosystem built on blockchain, powered with a Utility Token called Limo. You can get connected with health and wellness professionals and institutions globally.

• Sarva - you will have access to lots of wellness related information and trainings. Sessions by experts on Yoga, meditation, fitness, nutrition etc.

• Loka – this is an exclusive zone where you can have personal consultations with wellness experts from around the globe.

• Limo points – These are reward points from Limoverse, which would get converted to Limo Tokens and can be used in Limoverse ecosystem or can be kept as an asset.

About Me

I am passionate about creating positive transformations in people, using scientifically validated education, tools, products and services, so as to empower people to live a LIMITLESS LIFE.

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