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Sajeev Nair

An Authority in Peak Performance Strategies

I am delighted and honored that you are spending some time to know me at deeper levels. I am an ordinary person like you. Whatever, I have and I am in my life, is because of the blessings from my parents and the almighty.

I was brought up in a middle class Indian family, which give lots of focus to formal education. Hence, did my Masters in Analytical Chemistry followed by Masters in Business Administration. Had the good fortune to work with few leading Indian companies like BPL, Malayala Manorama, CIPLA and Bharat Petroleum in various management positions.

Started my entrepreneurship journey in the Direct Selling industry. Once I got established in that, I spread my wings to different businesses; Hospitality, IT, Wellness, Management Consulting, Peak Performance Coaching etc. My passion has always been in empowering people to ignite their infinite potential.

I developed a unique human transformation program called ‘Thought Process Re-engineering (TPR)’ based on extensive research in the field of neuroscience and human psychology. More than a million people from all walks of life must have re-engineered their life though the workshops and conventions I have done based on TPR. ‘RISE UP Conventions’ have created rapid transformations. ‘THOUGHT RETREATS’ gave people practical and scientific processes to upgrade their lives by taking charge of their brain and thoughts. ‘THATHAASTU,’ the book I wrote, is based on this concept. This book sold hundreds and thousands of copies.

Since 2016 I have been involved in extensive research on Human Longevity and Peak Performance. How can someone grow younger…how can someone maintain the same energy levels and productivity in his 80s and 90s as what he/she experience in his/her 30s and 40s? My research helped me to release a masterpiece book, ‘THE MAKING OF A SUPERHUMAN.’ This is a book, which is filled with practical BIOHACKS, which can help anyone to hack own body and mind and live a long, healthy and productive life. This led me to the concept of ‘LIMITLESS LIFE.’ Now I am on a mission to empower people to live a Limitless life, by helping them to take charge of their own biology and psychology.

All the various businesses which I have set up, have come as byproducts of my quest to empower people and organizations. Hundreds and thousands of Entrepreneurs who have undergone TPR, made me to start a Business Process Re-engineering company; ‘Bramma.’ People who have been searching for options to empower themselves to lead a limitless life made me to start ‘Vieroots Wellness Solutions,’ a pioneer in biohacking and personalized health and wellness.

Now, I am fascinated towards the possibilities in the METAVERSE. I am blessed to lead a major health and wellness move in Metaverse. We are building ‘LIMOVERSE,’ the ultimate health and wellness destination in Metaverse, built on blockchain.

My Role as a Serial Entrepreneur

Actions speak louder than your words. My entrepreneurial successes exemplify what one can achieve, if committed to consistent upgradation of life.

Vieroots Wellness Solutions Pvt Ltd

As a Founder & Chairman

Vieroots is a pioneer in Personalized Lifestyle Management. EPLIMO, a proprietary Personalized Lifestyle Modification Program based on a GenoMetabolic assessment stands as a unique service of Vieroots. Vieroots also has research based patent pending wellness products and services, formulated using cutting edge science and technology.

Bramma Learning Solutions

As a Founder & Chairman

Bramma is a leader in Human and Organization Transformations. Bramma Consulting, the leading management consulting firm in South India has helped more than 600 MSMEs to re-engineer their business and to scale up. Bramma Success Resources commits itself to transform the lives of common people through education and tools.


As a Founder & Chairman

This resort in Munnar, the hill station in Kerala, is a reflection of my passion for nature. I personally designed this 100% Nature resort, with no concrete buildings. Built without changing even the natural landscape, this resort has been featured in National Geographic.


As a Founder & Chairman

Limoverse is the first of its kind global Health and Wellness ecosystem built on blockchain. It is a health and wellness metaverse. A virtual universe, where health seekers meet with health practitioners and institutions. Also, practitioners and wellness institutions and synergize their strength with the support of blockchain technology.

About Me

I am passionate about creating positive transformations in people, using scientifically validated education, tools, products and services, so as to empower people to live a LIMITLESS LIFE.


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