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Vieroots All Set to Launch India’s First Ever Human Performance Optimization Programs

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Bengaluru headquartered health-tech startup, Vieroots Wellness Solutions, founded by noted biohacker, corporate consultant and bestselling author Sajeev Nair, is now all set to launch the country’s first-ever Human Performance Optimization (HPO) programs. It promises to revolutionize each person’s physical, emotional and cognitive performance using the latest tech tools in epigenetic lifestyles, AI, big data and wearables.

Imagine a new AI-based face scan that can tell you around 20 core health metrics including blood sugar, cholesterol level and heart rate variability without drawing even a drop of blood! Do you think such a scan belongs to the realm of science fiction? No, says Sajeev Nair, who is now all set to launch such an AI-based scan - the Vieroots Face Vital Scan - within weeks from now.

If you wonder whether all these are for real, wait till you hear Sajeev explaining about even more futuristic technologies. Says the Founder & Chairman of Vieroots, “Health tech is growing by leaps and bounds to put it even mildly. Wearable devices are now being built that can read even human emotions accurately.”

It is all part of a greater concept called the Quantified Self. If you are wondering what this is all about, you are not alone. Explains Sajeev, “Long back, we had this concept called cyborg in sci-fi, a part human part machine entity which thrived on constant and automated measurement of personal data, the vitals. Today, such a future has become a reality in the Quantified Self concept, where a person’s physical, mental & even emotional state can be continuously captured as data parameters via various wearables.”

Indeed, the wearables market is literally exploding with innovative ideas. Health trackers and monitors now come in all sizes, shapes and capabilities. What started off as simple fitness bands has today matured into smartwatches, smart rings, neuro-feedback bands and even devices that detect thought frequencies. Sajeev’s startup Vieroots Wellness Solutions itself has introduced in India one such advanced personal health device - the KardiaMobile 6L of Alivecor which is the only US FDA-cleared 6-lead pocket ECG machine in the world, at just the size of a pen drive.

Says Sajeev, “Today, the various health wearables are generating precious health data of those who wear them, on a per-second basis. But unfortunately, all that data goes waste as there is no concerted framework to use that data for the benefit of the client. This is one area where Vieroots will be contributing much through our Human Performance Optimization Program, as we have the unique expertise to do this.”

For sure, Sajeev’s health-tech startup, Vieroots Wellness Solutions, has been handling and assessing much more complex personal health data than what even the best wearables churn out from monitoring a person. This is thanks to Vieroots’ flagship product EPLIMO being based on each person’s genomic and metabolic data, which can run into hundreds of terabytes.

For undertaking such complex work, at Vieroots, Sajeev heads a passionate team of doctors, geneticists, healthcare researchers, dieticians, nutritionists, fitness experts, yoga gurus, ayurvedic physicians and other alternative therapists. A pioneering biohacker himself, Sajeev is the bestselling author of the biohacking book, ‘The Making of a Superhuman.’ An internationally recognized figure in wellness initiatives and biohacking, Sajeev is also the Chief Curator of the World Biohack Summit Dubai, which is backed by key UAE Government departments.

“In the end, it is not the data that counts really, but what we do with all that data,” says this tech startup founder. “Vieroots was not the first genetic testing company in India for sure, but we were the first and perhaps still the only company that figured out what all could be done with that kind of complex data.”

Vieroots EPLIMO employs a self-administered, home-based genetic test as well as a detailed metabolic assessment and analyzes it together using AI tools to detect geno-metabolic risks for developing any among 250+ lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, cancer etc, years or even decades before these diseases actually develop.

“And that is not all,” says Sajeev. “What truly differentiates Vieroots in the market is the crucial next step that only we provide. We match these lifestyle disease risks with a huge database of research-validated lifestyle modifications that are proven to work against these disease risks to keep them at bay.” These span proven interventions in diet, nutrition, supplements, exercise, yoga, ayurvedic herbals, meditation, breathwork, and alternative therapies - in short any intervention with solid research to back it.

The runaway success of EPLIMO in the market - hundreds of doctors, clinics & hospitals support it - has also given rise to specialized programs from Vieroots for specific segments of the population and thus holds even more potential in the market. The most prominent among them has been the Vieroots DNA-Based Weight Loss Program, which is now taking the market by storm.

Says Sajeev, “Our DNA Based Weight Loss program works for even those for whom no weight loss program has worked till now, simply because we base it on each person’s genetic uniqueness that makes all the difference. We are so sure about its success rate that we back it up with a money-back guarantee too.”

However, it is in their latest offering of Human Performance Optimization (HPO) that Sajeev sees the true potential to transform the world. Says this peak performance expert, “HPO can benefit practically anyone, whether you are an entrepreneur, a manager, an engineer, a doctor, a teacher, or any professional, a student, any teams like sports or sales teams or even a homemaker. This is all about being equipped to do your very best even while maintaining the highest level of happiness.”

Indeed, anyone could do with a performance boost in their career and life these days, given the way technologies like AI and robotics have been disrupting industries and careers. Says Sajeev, “The beauty of HPO is that we use these same technologies like AI, IoT & Big Data that are unnerving many people these days, to equip them to boost their performance so that life’s challenges can be faced fearlessly.”

Sajeev continues, “Yesterday we didn’t have the technology to do it, but today we do have it.” But what are the challenges that he foresees in popularizing HPO? “Trained professionals who can deliver HPO to clients are absolutely needed. Today, the tech is so advanced that our Vieroots Face Vital Scan can detect even low Heart Rate Variability (HRV) - a common cause of chronic fatigue & depression - without any hospital visit. But the client benefits only if someone with proper training guides the client to what can be done about it.”

Being the kind of problem solver he has always been, Sajeev is not taking this challenge lightly and has launched a Certified Lifestyle Coaching program to train thousands of interested people to be lifestyle coaches through the VieGyan Academy, which is the training and certification arm of Vieroots. Says Sajeev, “With preventive protocols like lifestyle modifications all set to overtake conventional treatments by 2040, choosing to be a Certified Lifestyle Coach can be a rewarding career in the global multi-trillion dollar worth health and wellness sector.”

So, all said and done, what can a client expect from enrolling for any of Vieroots’ Human Performance Optimization programs? “A lot,” says Sajeev, “enough to transform a person’s life positively forever. These include a disease-free long life, high levels of energy and productivity, reengineering of the body, mind & brain to take on life’s emerging challenges with ease, and above all maintaining a high happiness quotient and spiritual calm.”

Vieroots welcomes people from all walks of life to engage with its Human Performance Optimization programs at various levels suitable to them. There are plenty of HPO products, solutions, tools, supplements, books, resources, programs, training & careers to choose from according to each person’s most pressing needs. At the base is the free-of-cost HPO webinar that Sajeev himself will be hosting in the initial months as Vieroot’s HPO Practice Leader.

Then if the client wishes so, he or she can enroll for the advanced 100X Life Protocol program, Rise Up Conventions, Camp i.2.0 Thought Retreats, EPLIMO, DNA Based Weight Loss, Biohacking Tools, the HPO SuperApp, Certified Lifestyle Coaching and more.

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